Week 11 Summary

As the week goes by, I look back on the week and I think to myself what a crazy week. For starters Hearing everyone’s radio show was really enjoyable. I love seeing how different and creative other groups radio show was. Everyone had different approaches and different techniques used. One radio show I really enjoyed was Pop Perceptive. Pop Perceptive looked into the AI side of Superheroes. One of my favorite moments from the show was the conversation between the host and Jarvis. It really captured the feeling of a radio show or podcast vibe. Overall, they did a great job, as well as the other groups. As far as planning my video project I am thinking of colabing with Himothy to create a day in the life video. Just like our radio show Three-Point Chatter, we talked about our day in the lives. Now we are bringing that to life with a video. As far as the three daily creates we had to do this week, I enjoyed all three. My favorite would have to be searching DS106 into the search engine and seeing what was the funniest thing that came up. It was really interesting to see all the different thing, but I think the funniest thing that popped up for me was this image.

Overall, this week was great, and I can’t wait for what next week has in store. Until next time!

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