The Final Week of DS106

As DS106 comes to an end I look back at my transformative experience. I learned how to use creative narrative techniques with digital tools to create compelling stories. I also deepened my understanding of narrative structures and audience engagement. The course felt like a collaborative environment where students from diverse backgrounds shared insights and learned from each other’s unique perspectives. This combination of creativity and technology equipped me and other students with valuable skills applicable in various professional and personal contexts, emphasizing the power of AI in storytelling.

To create the video below I used – Make a Blabber! to make Leo Storm talk. For the audio I used Realistic Text to Speech converter & AI Voice generator ( to write the script of what Leo would say. Once the script was complete, I uploaded the file to Blabberize and let the software do its thing and what you see below is the finished product. In the video Leo responds to the two prompts: What is the best thing you saw in the course? and hat was the best thing you made in the course? He also explains why Aggressive Technologies should support DS106. I hope you enjoy the video! Until Next Time!

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