Week 12 Summary

Week 12 definitely felt like a short one. As the main focus of this week was our video project. However, we still had our daily creates. Let’s start with the daily creates for this week. We only had to complete 3 for week 12. My favorite would probably have to be the https://andrewpoon.org/daily-create/spiral-gyra/. The reason I think this was my favorite was because you had so much freedom to what you can do with the application. There were no rules, and you could be as creative as you wanted to be. I kept my design simple and bright. I didn’t want to over complicate it. For the video project I decided to collab with Jackson Beale and his AI created character, Himothy. For our video we used our radio show, Three-Pointer Chatter, as inspiration. For our video we decided to do a day in the life of Leo storm and Himothy. The first step was to record the voice over of our day in the life. We used Audacity to record our voice over. Audacity has become really useful for me as DS106 progress each week. After that we found pictures and clips to incorporate into our video. After uploading them we had to make sure the clips and pictures all lined up with our voice overs. We did run into some trouble with some images as they weren’t uploading properly but we eventually resolved that by finding new images to use. Our last step was to add our intro and outro for the video. We wanted to keep it clean and simple. Overall, this week was stressful creating the video but fun at the same time. I really enjoyed the whole video making process. Until next time!

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