Week 14 Summary & Video Project

For week 14 our main objective was our video project. Below I have attached a link to view our final video project. For my project I decided to work with Andrew Johnson and Jackson Beale. We incorporated our created AI characters as well as Dr. Oblivion. Our video explains the pros and cons of using AIs from the perspective of Leo Storm, Himothy, Johnathan, and Dr. Oblivion. Alongside our pros and cons, we also include our overall opinion on AIs and the usage of them. To create our video, we used iMovie. Our first step was to find pictures to incorporate into our video. Once we found our pictures, we laid out the sequence of when each picture would appear. After we had all of our pictures laid out, we recorded our audio in iMovie talking about our opinions and pros and cons of using AIs. We did have some trouble when making our video. One main issue was overlapping of audio, to solve this we had to go back and space out each different audio piece, so that there was no overlapping. Another issue was uploading our video to WordPress. The file was too large to upload, hence why we had to revert to using a link to display our video. However, despite this trouble I think our finished product came out great in the end. Overall, this project was a great learning experience. I got to use all the different skills I’ve learned throughout the course of DS106 such as working with audio, images, and many more. I hope y’all enjoy the video as we worked really hard to create this. Until next time!

ds106 Final Video Project (youtube.com)

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