Week 13 Summary

Week 13 was really light. The main focus for this week was our final project. I decided not to do any daily creates this week, as I wanted my focus to be on the final project. Not that I don’t love doing daily creates, I just wanted to really focus on working on the project. For the final project I am going to be working on it with Jackson Beale and Andrew Johnson. We worked really well in the past and I believe we can produce a great final project. As far as what we are going to do we have a few ideas. Our favorite idea is we are going to discuss the opinions on the pros and cons of using AIs from the perspective of Dr. Oblivion and our created course character. As far as the process for creating our project, we have met once to talk about ideas we wanted to do. We also have started to outline our video we’re going to do. I’m excited to see what our finished product will look like. I’m also excited for y’all to see as well. Until next time!


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